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What is SifuCorp?

Our mission at SifuCorp is to enlighten humanity through the spectrum of ‘Adapt for Life’ philosophies; to provide the knowledge and tools to teach them to take charge of their own destiny, through the smooth and rough times, and make their dreams a reality; to inspire people to become their best version, develop a ‘take responsibility attitude’, and change the way they see themselves and the world.

SifuCorp is will be focusing on enlightening content, and products such as martial art training videos, a self-development book, broadcasting a podcast, and writing a movie screenplay.

Who is Mic Leo?

Mic Leo (also known as “The Lion”) is a passionate Martial Artist, Published Poet, and Author based in Elk Grove, California. Born in San Jose, his passion for the martial arts began early on thanks to his childhood hero Bruce Lee. At the age of 11, Mic started rigorous training in both Kenpo Karate and wrestling. Soon, his focus shifted to Korean systems like Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do. Over a decade later, Mic traveled to Korea to complete in-depth training with friend and Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster J.W. Suh.

In 1982, Mic’s life took a dark turn that ultimately awakened him to his innermost strength and infinite potential. Unfortunately, having sustained serious injuries to his right arm, he needed to have it amputated. While he was told his life would “never be the same,” he didn’t let such a dire circumstance stand in the way of his calling in life: to become a source of inspiration to those who have also faced unspeakable adversity head on.

By 1993, Mic’s unwavering drive to transform people’s lives inspired him to create Adapt for Life. Currently, this program is widely known as SifuCorp Recently, he authored “Adapt: Unleash the Power of Change” and launched a podcast called The Mic Leo Show. Mic has even been developing his own movie and video game about a disabled superhero named Marcus Knight.

Enlightened with a heart of warrior, Mic is on a mission to empower people (especially wounded troops and children with autism) to overcome any obstacle so they can achieve all of their goals. Above all, he strives to serve as an advocate for disabled people across the globe.

As a Certified 2nd & 3rd Generation Jeet Kune Do Instructor (under Dan Inosanto & Paul Vunak), Mic has trained thousands of people throughout the span of nearly four decades. From the beginning of his journey until now, his most notable affiliation and gratitude is to martial art greats Dan Inosanto and Paul Vunak.

Furthermore, Mic Leo has earned extensive acclaim through his multi-faceted career, including receiving the Presidential Sports Award and being dubbed an Inductee of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2006.