How to Beat Bullies from Bullying You

Hi guys, it’s Mic Leo again. I want to talk to you about bullies.

Now I’ve been dealing with bullies my whole life. I’ve been bullied when I was a kid in 3rd grade by a kid in 5th grade. And it was a typical bully situation. He was bigger than me, he was picking on me. We had parent teacher conferences and all that stuff. And then one day, he went and picked on me again. He starts pushing me and something snapped at me.

I threw him on the ground and start punching him. No one had laid a hand on me ever again since that day.

Now you’re going to find out as an adult that there are still bullies out there. They may not be the physical bullies but they are still out there.

You always run into these guys that are loud and they just used to pushing their way around life. They get used to getting their way because they were bullies as kids.

Let me explain something to you.

Nobody has the right to bully you – emotionally, physically or mentally.

You have the right to be you. You have the right to live the life you want to live. Do not be bullied by anybody.

On a physical sense, learn some martial arts. There are so many qualified instructors across this great country of ours – JKD instructors, Kali instructors, Thai Boxing, Jiu Jutsu – the list goes on. Find yourself a qualified instructor no matter what city you are in.

Number 2: your mindset. Don’t be a victim. Don’t believe that you’re weak.

It has nothing to do with your size. It has nothing to do with your personality. You have the right to be whoever you are or whatever you are.

Nobody has the right to bully you!

And I have news for you. People that are bullies are weak. They always have been weak. If you need to push someone around, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, if you need to push your will to others, then you are weak!

You have no self-confidence. You have no heart whatsoever. Your ego needs to be fed by victimizing other people.

Bullies are so weak. Do not take anything from those.

Learn to be strong. Take charge of your life. And be happy with who you are.


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