Developing Self-Reliance to Take Control of Your Life

“We’re all meant to be individuals and be responsible for our own lives.”

Hey guys, it’s Mic Leo. Hey I wanted to talk to you about the importance of self-reliance.

You know, there’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to do that you shouldn’t be able to defend yourself for.

Don’t vote for politicians because they are going to do something for you. You’re an idiot if you think any politician is here to serve or to do anything for you.

You need to be responsible for your life, for your family’s life.

Do you understand how much power you have when you are in control of yourself? When you don’t need other people’s help?

I’m not talking about, I mean I need help – I have instructors that show me stuff, I have people I train with, I have checked friends that help me write down and do this video. There’s a lot of things I don’t know. I have family, we’re all there for each other.

I’m talking about being reliant and being responsible for your own actions.

Don’t blame the world for why you don’t have the jobs you want, or you’re not in a relationship you want, or because you are this way or that way.

It’s YOU! There’s nothing in your life that’s not your responsibility. The faster and the more you understand that the greater chance you have to obtaining true confidence and what is true confidence? True confidence is being real. True confidence isn’t believing you can do something just to pamper yourself or pat yourself in the back and make your ego grow. True confidence is based on reality. It means that you actually do something.

So no matter what you do, make it real. And when you are relying on yourself, then you are able to take you learned and make yourself better. You can’t make yourself better if you rely on other people.

You are what I call a ‘victim’. Don’t be a victim. None of us are meant to be victims. You know, you always hear people talking about being a leader and being powerful…No. Not all of us are meant to be leaders. Not all of us are meant to be powerful. But none of us were meant to be victims. We’re all meant to be individuals and be responsible for our own lives.


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