Focus on Strength, Not Your Weakness

Hi everybody, I’m Mic Leo and today I want to talk to you about strengths and weaknesses.

Do not let your weaknesses define who you are. It’s your strengths that matter.

Do not let other people define who you are.

And most certainly don’t let people determine what your weaknesses are.

I can give you an example of myself between strengths and weaknesses.

I used to do a lot of bench pressing, now I do flies. I have an attachment on my upper right side and am able to do flies.

I used to throw a lot of right crosses. Now it’s back fist.

So it’s not just adapting, it’s paying attention to what you can do and excelling at it. You will excel something that is your strength, weaknesses is what brings you down.

Don’t pay attention to what makes you weak. Pay attention to what makes you strong.

We see this all through our life when it comes to anything that have to do with what we are successful in.

When you drive, you drive the way you like to drive. When you do anything, you do anything the way you are comfortable doing it.

Well, that’s the best way for you to excel in anything!

Bruce Lee talked about having no limits as your limitations. He didn’t mean just to do anything, he meant to do what works for you.

As a Jeet Kune Do instructor, my top priority is to teach my students according to their own strengths and weaknesses – how to fight according to their body, their age, their physical capability – all kinds of attributes, things that have to do with what they are going to do as a warrior.

So don’t let other people determine what your weaknesses are and go with your strengths.

Go with your strengths and make them better. Don’t pay attention to your weaknesses because they don’t matter.


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