Functional Honor

Hey everybody, this is Mic Leo. I want to talk to you today about Functional Honor. Functional Honor is Adapt For Life’s main philosophy. It comes down to doing what works and doing it the right way. Now what do I mean about the ‘right way’? Well, honor is based on doing what is correct, right. It doesn’t mean for you to do something just for you to do it, it means to do it the right way. It means not to affect anyone in a negative way. Make sure you are doing it for the right purpose. And that’s karma, that’s whatever you want to call it. It’s honor.

Now functional means doing things correctly. Now in the martial arts world, that’s easy. You choose strategies, you choose techniques that work and that applies in combative ways that works for you. Well, the same thing applies for every aspect of your life. You got to be functional. You got to make functional decisions in your relationships, in your work, and everything that you do you got to make sure you make the right decision. And to make it functional, you have to apply yourself in the correct way. As a martial artists, that’s simple. You do bag work, you do shadow box, you do weightlifting to enhance your training. It’s the same thing in the real world. Whatever you are doing make sure you are doing it for real. That you are doing it functionally.

Combine the two things – making sure you are doing it for real and making sure you are doing it the right way is going to give you the best advantage and the best ability for you to excel and overcome adversity. That’s how I beat my adversity. That’s how I continue to be that person every single day of my life. As I look at every situation there is, I apply it with honor and make sure that it is functional.

If it’s not functional for me, I discarded it and don’t pay attention to it. That’s why I don’t throw right crosses, that’s why I don’t do bench presses. I do flies and I work my backfist. Whatever you are doing, make sure it fits you, make sure its correct, and make sure you make it real.


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