How to Beat Leftist Bullies

Hi everybody, this is Mic Leo. I want to talk to you today about how to beat leftist bullies. You know, it’s kind of the same thing as beating a regular bully when they try to physically harm you. But instead of throwing punches, they’re throwing insults and degrading you for your beliefs.

Well, it comes down to the same thing on how you beat them. In the martial arts world, you train. You learn other people’s offense, you learn their defense, you learn how to destroy them in a fight. This is the same thing when it comes to defeating leftist.

You have to learn history, you have to know their mentors, you have to know where they are coming from. The truth of the matter is they believe in a lot of stuff that are not true. Because of that, the truth always beats them.

It’s just like in the martial arts world where reality training beats real training.

So what you have to do is to stay strong and you have to believe in what you believe truly, you have to study history. You have to study their mentors, especially Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky is the key to everything. His beliefs are embedded into their brains.

And for us, we have to understand that these beliefs are based on lies and spreading propaganda in destruction of our country. He has written books about this, he has given speeches about this, and what’s really, really awesome in our favor is that he himself has given speeches about how he is fooling people. His followers, such as Hilary Clinton, have done the same thing.

So its not too hard to defeat them. All you have to do is know the real history, understand what they’re doing, and stay strong. When someone attacks you in a fight, you have to give them more than what they are giving to you. Same thing when you are debating these leftists bullies.

A regular democrat, you can debate. You can have a civil conversation with them. You guys can talk about the issues and everything’s fine. But the leftist bullies, the people that are teaching our kids, the media, loons and the democratic parties…these people…you can’t deal with them the same way.

You have to be really forceful with them. You have to attack them on their weakness which is the fact that everything they believe is a lie. It is based on propaganda. It is based on things that aren’t the American values that we hold true.

And you have to throw it down their throats. You have to defeat them with hard truth. Beat the bullies.


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