Knife Defense – Why You Should Train with Knives

Hey everybody, I’m Mic Leo. Today I’m going to answer that’s often asked of me and that is, “Why is it important to learn knife and sticks, or Kali and Escrima”? A lot of time people say to me, you know, I’m never going to carry a stick and I don’t want to carry a knife. So why should I learn it?

Well, first of all, by learning Escrima or Kali – the knife and the stick – you’re going to enhance your mobility. You are going to change the way you move, change the way take care of angles and understand angles.

Number 2, the knife is the most prolific, most used weapon in the world. The better you have at knife, the better chance of defeating a knife.

Now it’s very important to learn a knife even if you are not going to carry one. I suggest you do carry one. It’s no sense in learning no weapon and not carrying it. But…you cannot have any chance whatsoever at defending yourself against a knife attack if you have not trained in it. Period.

Don’t listen to these people training in some traditional martial arts showing you how to X-block a knife attack or to run. I had an instructor telling me the best way to defeat a knife attack is to run. Really?! So someone chasing you down with a knife and that’s your answer to defending yourself? I don’t think so.

The best way to defend yourself against a knife attack is to have a knife yourself and have trained in it. Period.


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