Liberal vs Democrat – What’s the Difference and How to Debate Them

I want to talk to you today about the difference between a democratic voter and the loony left.

Now I got inspired to talk to you about this today because I debated someone on twitter (who was a loon).

And you know, I realized this for a long time but there is a huge difference a democratic voter and the snowflakes, and the loons in the media, and the progressives.

I have friends that are democratic voters and we can sit down and have an actual civil conversation about the facts – about political facts and cultural facts. We can disagree and still get along.

But when someone starts insulting you, starts calling you a racist, starts insulting your belief system, then the gloves are off.

It’s just like defending yourself in a street fight. If somebody wants to attack you and they’re just throwing punches, then you can just fight them in according to the force that they are giving you.

But when they pull a blade out or there are more than one of them, then the gloves are off and you got to get really into it. You got to go into rapid assault tactics, you got to bite them, you got to pull your blade out and get nasty.

The same thing you do when you are debating these leftist. You got to give it to them. You can’t act as if they are your neighbor, the friendly democrat…

You just got to give it to them. You can’t let them assault you, you got to throw it back to their face, you got to let them understand ¬†you know where they are coming from, you got to let them know about Saul Alinsky. Chances are they don’t even know it themselves.

Just like the person who attacks you in the street, they don’t know what they are doing. They just have the will to hurt you.

These leftist don’t know what they are talking about, they don’t know the real history. It’s easy to destroy them. Just use the real history of the world, use the facts and you will destroy them.

Don’t let them push you around. Don’t let them bully you.

Stand up for what you believe and stand up for what is right.


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