Most Martial Arts are Useless: Why Traditional Martial Art Don’t Work

Hey everybody, Mic Leo here. Today I want to talk to you today about martial arts and martial arts being full of shit.

The problem is simple. Over the last 40 years or so, 50 years from America, there have been a lot of martial artists that are full of it. Traditional martial artists do not know how to fight. They know how to teach forms. Do you know how many instructors out there that have never been in a fight and have never been in a spar? And they are teaching people.

So what happens is that you have this generational thing of going down the line, down the line of weak-ass martial arts. People who don’t know how to fight, people that have never been in a fight, people that have a black belt…and the belt means nothing, you can go to Macy’s and buy a damn belt because it means nothing. The only black belt in today’s world that actually mean anything is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. That’s because, you know why, they actually train and they actually spar and they actually do things. Okay, most martial arts trainers train for their ego. Most martial arts instructors are full of it.

And let me say this about MMA. The same thing goes on with MMA. Not that MMA guys don’t know how to fight, not because MMA guys don’t train hard and don’t actually do it, but because it’s NOT A STREET FIGHT. When you go to a MMA match, you both weigh the same, there’s a referee between you, there’s a mat, there are rules, there isn’t someone coming off the streets kicking you down, there isn’t someone pulling a knife on you, you don’t have to fight 2, 3, or 4 people…it’s not the same!

If you are worried about self-defense, about keeping your family safe, about defending yourself against a mugger or just some crazy person, what the hell is MMA going to do for you? Are you going to double leg somebody who’s stabbing you? No! Having said that, why would you train in MMA unless you are going to compete in MMA?

Now a lot of you might not know this about me but I used to be partners with ruthlessly famous MMA fighter, Frank Shanrock. And I had a huge school and I got to see a lot of MMA guys fight, training and practicing. And let me tell you what Frank Shanrock told me once. He told me got attacked by somebody with a knife and do you know what he did? He ran from the guy. He ran. Mr. Seven times world champion, or five times or whatever the hell he is I can’t remember, but you see what I’m saying? Now do you think that’s the right thing to do? If someone wants to stab you, you are going to run from them? That’s not very safe because they can catch you and stab you. What the hell does that have to do with self-defense? Zero.

So the problem is this. You got your traditional martial artists running around who are just full of it. They never been in a fight, they never sparred, their instructors never fight and never sparred, okay, and they are teaching people self-defense. You drive by their school and it says “Street Defense”, “Self-Defense This”, “Defend yourself from a Street Fight”. How the hell can that happen if you never been in a fight, you don’t know how to fight. Okay, if you never changed an engine, you don’t know how to change an engine. If you never done brain surgery, you don’t know how to do brain surgery. You don’t know what to do what you’ve never done. Period. You fight the way you train. And if you trained doing forms and katas and sparring and, yet, you are away from someone’s face and most cases never sparring…This is what I mean.

What happens is martial arts has gotten a rotten reputation because of these full of shit martial artists. You know what I’m talking about out there. You’re full of it. Okay? So, what I’m telling you right now is when you reply to this and you’re complaining about this, it’s because you’re the 80% of people who are full of shit. Okay?

And another thing, beware of the scam – the fitness scam. You go to a martial art school and you’re spending 75-80% of your time doing exercises for fitness?! Unless you are going for a cardio kickboxing taibo class, it’s because the instructor is full of shit. He doesn’t know how to fight, he doesn’t know enough technique, enough strategies to teach you, so he’s teaching you how to stay fit. And sure, yeah, being fit is important for a martial artist but the most important part is knowing how to fight.

We all know that there’s different levels of fitness, different levels of metabolisms, different levels A, different levels of all of this stuff that’s going on that has nothing to do with fighting but has to do with your physical abilities. Okay? If you are going to a martial arts school and spending the majority of your time doing physical fitness stuff, doing cardio stuff, it is because the instructor doesn’t know anything else to teach you.

And because, being a Jeet Kune Do instructor I get this all the time, “Oh Bruce Lee…he used to this and used to work out. Yeah, we all do. We lift weights, we do cardio. Bruce Lee died when he was 32 years old, okay, he wasn’t an older man. He wasn’t somebody who gain weight and this and that and have to deal with those aspects of his life! Number 1.

Number 2 – get over the Bruce Lee thing. None of us can fight like Bruce Lee so shut the hell up. You’re not Bruce Lee. As a Jeet Kune Do instructor, I don’t teach you to fight like Bruce Lee, I teach you how to fight the best you can for who you are! Period!

This is why martial arts has such a bad reputation because instead of teaching people how to fight – because of the movies, right, you go to the movies you see this guy beating up 12 people and this guy disarming people with knives and guns, and then they go to martial arts school and sit there all day long doing this (forms and katas).

And you don’t ever spar, you don’t ever fight! Do you know I once got into an argument on Bruce Lee’s grave-site. I was there with my friend George and Eric Paulson. The 3 of us combined had over a hundred experiences of martial arts. All 3 of us full instructors of Jeet Kune Do and we had someone who’s arguing with us and telling us that Jeet Kune Do didn’t do groundwork and didn’t do weapons. And if you could not knock somebody out with your lead punch, you weren’t actually doing Jeet Kune Do.

This is the ridiculous stuff that goes on in the martial art world, you understand? And because of it, because of you 80% are like, oh, you fake ass idiots. You’re giving us, the rest of us, this bad reputation.

So you see some guy who got a black belt and he goes into a bar and gets his ass beat by some drunk idiot…and his friend thinks, “martial arts don’t work.” And then his friends think, “Martial arts don’t work. Joe got a black belt and he just got his ass whipped by some idiot.” So that makes them think that martial arts don’t work!

The truth of the matter is most martial arts schools is just high paid babysitting organizations. You bring your kids there, drop them off, the guy watches your kids or an hour or 2, show them some kicks and rolling around doing this and doing that…and then they go home.

Okay? That’s why most martial arts are so full of it. Man, they don’t know how to fight. In order to make money in martial arts, they got to do this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, it’s not true.

Okay, let me explain something to you. Why do you think martial artist have you sign this contract? Come in, sign this contract, and we are going to take money out of your bank account every month. Oh and by the way, in order to cancel your contract you got to come in to cancel. Why do you think that is?

Because they know that 90% of people that sign up are going to 1 or 2 classes and never show up again and continue to pay them the monthly fee because they’ll be too embarrassed to face their sensei or sifu and say, “I need to quit.”

So instead, they stay home and continue to pay the monthly fee. So the school gets paid by no one there. I never did it to my students. I don’t want your money if you are paying me. If you are not training, I don’t want it. Okay? But that’s the martial art scam. Okay, they know that you are not going to show up. That’s how they build their base up.

Okay, and like I said, 80% of martial artists are full of it. And it gives the 20% of us who have spent, I’ve dedicated my life to training in martial arts – I’ve slept on people’s couches, I traveled the country sleeping in my car, I used to drive to Sacramento every Saturday and Sunday and on the way home I pulled over every 20 minutes because my hand was shaking from doing stick fighting all day long – Okay, my first school I worked in a cabinet shop emptying cabinets in the daytime and taught classes at night. On the weekends I would paint houses in order for me to rent my school before I had built my student base up. That’s how dedicated I am.

And that’s how dedicated…there are thousands of martial artists like me who dedicated their whole life to helping people, keep themselves safe, and learn the martial art that they are teaching. The biggest thing that I’m proud of is that Dan Inosanto and Paul Vunak had given me permission to teach Jeet Kune Do. And my responsibility is to teach people the best way possible, to make it functional, not to let my mine pocket with money with people who ain’t coming in to class. Not to teach a bunch of kids a bunch of crap just to keep my student base up.

And I can sit all day long and tell you story after story after story of me just personally witnessing this. Okay? This is why martial arts has such a bad reputation because they’re full of it. And like I said, if you’re complaining about this video, then you’re part of that 80%. Simple.


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