Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight: Who Will Win?

Hey everybody, a lot of my students and friends and some people on twitter and so forth has been asking me about my opinion on the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. Well, I got some pretty strong opinions on it. First of all, I think it’s a complete joke mixing two sports together because MMA and Boxing are two completely different entities. People who train in MMA train in boxing, train in thai boxing, but they don’t train it as if they were to go in boxing or thai boxing. They train it for MMA. They’re jabs are different. The way they approach. Everything is different.

As a Jeet Kune Do instructor, we don’t train boxing for a boxing match. We train it for street fight (eye pokes, we add trapping…). The same thing as MMA guys. They’re training boxing to enhance their whole MMA picture.

Mayweather is a thousand times better a boxing than McGregor is. The only advantage McGregor could possibly have is the fact that he’s younger than him. That’s it! He doesn’t have close to the skill level that Mayweather has as a boxer. Not even close.

But you know what’s it all about? It’s all about money. It’s all about money and the hype. I guarantee you these guys are friends. They both need money. They both want the biggest payday that they can get from this fight. So they’ll build it all up. You know, I used to own a huge school. Lots of MMA fighters there. I got to know a lot of them personally. Got to see the ins and outs of MMA and I can tell you right now that the people who are watching this fight don’t understand that it’s a joke. Okay, it’s all about money. McGregor wants the big payoff.

McGregor is overrated as a MMA fighter. The reason…just think about what he lost. He lost to a man who finally he fought who wasn’t a foot taller than. He didn’t have that huge range advantage. You know, the whole point is Mayweather is so much more better boxer than McGregor could ever be. It doesn’t make sense. It only makes sense for two reasons: your ego and the payday.

McGregor is a big mouth. I know that and, believe me, I can’t stand his type of fighter. I can’t stand people that run their mouths because they could fight. It doesn’t even make sense. It shows really that you don’t have any real confidence in yourself. People could say, “Oh yeah, he’s got confidence.” Yeah, really? If you have confidence, you don’t need to insult other people, you don’t need to attack people, you just show up to the fight and fight. That’s what fighters do. Okay, someone who’s running their mouth is running for propaganda, running to build up all of pay-per-view money coming in. That’s what he’s does for. Plus, he’s probably an idiot anyways. I don’t know him personally but I’m pretty sure he’s an idiot, alright?

And Mayweather…okay, let’s see. What is he fighting for? He retired undefeated. I’ll tell you what he’s fighting for. For The Money! There’s another idiot. A man, what, who made over 300 million dollars in his career and he’s broke? Have to fight this fight to pay his taxes?

What is wrong with these people? You got an opportunity to make, you made millions of dollars, you got McGregor who’s a young guy in MMA… Instead of sticking to MMA and staying with the sport, no, he has to run his mouth and get into this for money purposes. You know, you guys are a bunch of idiots.

Mayweather, stay retired. Nobody wants to see an old boxer beat up a loud-mouthed MMA guy. And yes, you MMA fanatics, if it was an MMA fight, McGregor would destroy Mayweather. But it’s not. It’s a boxing match, a Boxing Match, which Mayweather will decisively win. Like I said before, the only advantage that McGregor possibly have is the fact that he’s young! That’s it. That’s his only advantage he could possibly have over Mayweather.

So it’s kind of a win-win situation for both of them. If Mayweather loses, he going to be like, “Well, I’m 40 years old and I fought this younger guy.” And if McGregor loses, he’s going to say, “Hey, I lost to this Mayweather – one of the greatest fighter of all time.” So they both are in it for the money.


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