Mistakes Don’t Define You

So don’t be afraid to make mistake.
Mistakes do not define who you are.
A mistake is just another way of learning.
The mistake that people make about mistakes is that they concentrate on the mistake itself.
You don’t want to do that. You want to learn from what you did wrong or learn how to make it better.
Adapting comes from mistakes
If you think about your life where you’re right now and where you want to be, how many times have you made a mistake?
How many times does that mistake stop you from being where you want to be.
Well, it doesn’t ever have to stop you if you’re always on top of things by using your mistake as a learning tool.
I’ve spent my whole life making mistakes just like everybody else.
When you become a Sifu and instructor martial arts, it doesn’t mean you no longer are making mistakes.
It means that you are able to fix your mistakes. It means you’ll be able to look at your students mistakes and correct them.
so mistakes aren’t a bad thing. It never happened. Take them state and learn from it.
Adjust, adapt, and learn that the best way for you a greatest best way for you to accomplish things is not to fear.
Don’t fear the mistakes you’re going to make, fear you’re not doing the right thing.
Fear you not applying your mistakes in a positive way.
That’s what you should be afraid of.
Don’t be afraid of a mistake itself. Always, always do your best and it will come out good.
If you don’t do your best that’s a bigger mistake than the actual mistake.
Mic Leo is a one-armed Warrior, Certified Jeet Kune Do, with decades of in-depth training and expertise from Dan Inosanto & Paul Vunak.
He became a source of inspiration to those who have also faced unspeakable adversity head on.

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