You Should Be Taxed If You Don’t Own a Gun

You should be taxed if you don’t own a gun.

I’ve been training in martial arts for 40+ years. I have taught police officers, military, I’ve been in dozens of altercations, I’ve been a body guard, a bouncer…

I can’t defend my family against a gun attack without a gun, what makes you think you can?

You and you alone is the first line of defense to protect you and your family.

I believe that you should be taxed and fined if you don’t own a gun.

You are unwilling or unable to protect your family.

You should be able to stop me from defending my family, you have a right not to defend yours but you should be taxed for it.

Because you are drawing on the taxpayers money.

You can’t defend yourself, you can’t defend your family. Somebody else’s has to.

Take responsibility for your life, take charge of your life, take charge of your family’s safety and defend it.


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