Why You Should Not Hope For An Easier Life

Hi everybody, it’s Mic Leo and I want to talk about the word ‘Hope’. Now it’s a nice word, you know, but what does it actually mean?

It actually means NOTHING.

Because without reality, hope is an empty promise. It’s what politicians tell you. It’s what people tell you when they have nothing better to tell you. No advice to give you.

Hope – I hope you are going to get better. I hope this and I hope that. It sounds good in a card.

It doesn’t mean anything!

You got to based everything you have on reality. You got to believe in something that’s real, not hope.

When someone attacks you, you are going to hope they won’t hurt you? When your house burns – gets on fire – you are going to hope you won’t die?

I mean, what does hope do for you?

That does nothing! Don’t hope for anything. Make it real.

Whatever it is that you want and desire, go out and attain it.

Attain it by being functional. What does functional mean? Make it real.

That means whatever it is…in the martial arts world, it’s simple. You do bag work, you do footwork, you do sparring, you do self-preservation drills, self perfection drills, you combine them and you become a warrior.

It’s real. In the music world, you learn your scales, you learn your notes, you put songs together, you learn the progressions of everything and are able to be a musician.

You make it real! You don’t HOPE how to play the guitar. You don’t HOPE that you become a black belt. And you don’t HOPE that your wife is going to love you or your husband is going to love you.

Everything needs to be based on reality. Don’t sell yourself a bunch of crap and believe in hope.

Believe in reality. Make it real.

All have the ability to change yourself, to better ourselves, to change and better our position in life. But don’t full yourself and pretend that hope is going to get it for you.

It’s not. It’s an empty promise.

Believe in reality. Make it real. Take charge of your life.


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